Best Sales & Commercial Tips for Beginners


Let that sale pass. It seems incredible that I tell you this. But it seems to me one of the best commercial advice that can be given. This is for advanced sellers. If you are starting I will tell you to pursue all potential clients until they tell you enough. So surely you are not wrong or miss opportunities.

If you are already having a commercial background and some years of experience behind your back and some cane, I would tell you to be aware of some symptoms:

The customer does not pick up the phone or does not respond to my e-mail

The first situation in which these commercial tips can be applied is when the customer does not answer our calls. Up to 3 or 4 times it can be normal, think that they are not alone to assist you, have the day to day of your company and may have a peak of work, a problem to solve, personal or professional and if you insist you will talk to them.

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The mail is colder, remember a visit is worth 1000 calls and a call is worth 1000 emails but the same thing happens. Even with tracking tools like Boomerang you can know if he has read it, but not because he doesn’t answer you.

There is a moment in which it is you who has to finish since time is limited and you have to invest it in profitable objectives. You must be efficient.

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There is no flow

From the beginning it has not gone well, there has been no tuning or connection. The client seems uninterested. You have not been especially bright and the thing does not flow. You do not know what is wrong with you in the BANT, (budget, authority, need, time), you may not have a budget even though you have been told that you have it, or we have a negative prescriber in your company or you do not need it or it is not the time.

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Something does not work. It is also interesting to freeze this operation for a while and sow others that flow more. It will have happened to you that there are sales that are rolled, everything fits and the result comes smoothly and perfectly. In both you have a large part of responsibility.

When You are not the Expert:

Another commercial advice that I give you has to do when you face an operation with difficulties. What the client asks you is not the specialty of your company but by allying with someone and subcontracting a part, you think your company could do it. This does not give you all the security to push that sale and you have many doubts. The client notices it or not but the decision is yours.

For these matters, many clients and us when we are clients, it happens to us that we have not just trusted what you tell us because we don’t notice security and conviction. I am behind a digital printing press so that they can do a job for me and my customer experience is at the moment being less curious, having to convince some provider to make me a budget.

Doubts with the payment:

The negotiation of payment method has been problematic. The risk reports are not the best, but the work is great and the request can be a blow, or … a tremendous disaster. In addition, there is an intermediary that you don’t trust either. Buf Here you have to help me.

What would you do?

If you have any commercial tips that you want to share, let me know in the comments.

You have a better chance:

All customers are important, but we return to the time that is finite and to the window of opportunity. Here you have to do Tetris and Lego serious play (registered) with the agenda and deadlines to prioritize and attend to everything and everyone hierarchy without offending and giving the best possible service. Is not easy.

Anyway, sometimes you have to “sell” or understand that there are sales that are not for now or maybe never. Focus your effort and attention on those who have more options for customer satisfaction and for you.

If you want more commercial advice, check out my blog where you will find more articles related to trading tips.

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